EIFS Installation

Artek Wall Systems LLC provides a professional EIFS installation. Exterior Insulation Finishing System is a type of building exterior wall cladding system that provides exterior walls with an insulated finished surface and waterproofing. It is an integrated composite material system. The Exterior Insulation Finishing System is typically attached to the outside face of the wall with adhesive or mechanical fasteners.

The EIFS installation method was developed in Europe after WW 2 and was initially used to retrofit solid masonry walls. By the time the mid 1970’s came, it was popular in North America. EIFS are used like stucco to hold up the Sheetrock or wall.

There are different types of EIFS like Polymer Modified and Polymer Based. Polymer based E.I.F.S are used to extrude polystyrene insulation for a thick cement  base coat that is applied over mechanically and attached to a glass fiber reinforcing mesh. The system has joints that are similar to traditional stucco. Polymer based E.I.F.S are standard stucco finishes that can be used to bridge hairline cracks that may occur on a thicker base coat. Polymer Based is typically used with an adhesive and fastened with polystyrene that is expanded. The glass fiber reinforcing mesh in a normal 1/16 inch under the base coat. An EIFS installation  can incorporate additional layers of base coats to form a higher impact resistance.

EIFS Installation Artek Wall Systems Phoenix AZ